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Blaga Udrea will run for Neamt Neamţu Ungureanu - Arad

Former Minister of Development and Tourism Elena Udrea will run in the parliamentary elections on 9 December in Neamt County to College 4 - deputies announced Thursday President PDL, Vasile Blaga.

Press 11-04-2014 22:13

USL meeting of October 17: Rules of presence branches without show, cigarette smoking and seeds

County organizations of the USL will receive from center "Attendance rules" for the meeting of National Arena on October 17 and the number of people you need to make to Bucharest for what organizers want to be the biggest post-revolutionary event.

Press 10-04-2014 22:26

A deputy PDL has opened a new parliamentary office two months before the end of term

A deputy PDL Suceava has inaugurated Thursday a new parliamentary office in City Hall commune deep, two months before his term was completed, but claiming that it will be elected for another term member of the college.

Events 05-04-2014 18:10

Voinescu not running for Parliament - sources

Voinescu deputy, Vice President of PDL will not seek another term in parliament in the December elections, said to AFP, Liberal Democrat sources.

Blog 04-04-2014 19:42

Paleologu, Barbu Boagiu and running in Bucharest by the ARD

Paleologu, Boagiu and Barbu, and Alex Stefanescu and Alexandru Ciocalteu will run for parliamentary elections in December on ARD lists in colleges of Bucharest.

Authors 29-03-2014 12:49

Vanghelie: It is important for PSD and USL to show that there is unity. Everyone is happy

Vanghelie PSD deputy said Thursday that former Social Democrat leader Geoana expressed a desire to run in college Dăbuleni, stating that he represented College Senator Catalin Voicu not established exactly who will run.

Blog 28-03-2014 11:27

Vaslui: Over 350 dead person appearing in permanent electoral lists for parliamentary elections

Over 350 people died, discovered the 86 municipalities in the county of Vaslui in permanent electoral lists organized together with the memorandum of Government by referendum in July still appears permanent lists for the parliamentary elections on 9 December.

Events 26-03-2014 20:34

Turkmenistan visa facilitation for business, Basescu discussed Berdâmuhamedov

President Traian Basescu said on Thursday that he discussed with President Gurbanguly Berdâmuhamedov about facilitating entry visas Turkmenistan Romanian businessmen, adding that the Romanian companies could open branches in the country in Central Asia.

Comments 24-03-2014 15:19

Vanghelie: PSD Bucharest to bring 15,000 people to rally to launch the USL candidates

Vice PSD Vanghelie said Thursday after meeting the organization's Council of Bucharest, the Bucharest branch of the Social Democrats must notify the candidates USL launch meeting to be held at the National Arena 15,000 people.

Press 23-03-2014 18:43

Catherine Andronescu: USL would be appropriate to gather 74,000 people on the national scene at the rally to launch candidates

PSD Vice President Catherine Andronescu said Thursday that it would be "very appropriate" as USL to gather 74,000 people on the national scene at the meeting to launch the Union candidates in parliamentary elections, adding that this event it should show empowers organizations.

Press 22-03-2014 10:12

Becali: I stand under the banner of USL in a college in District 6, the NLP

PNG MEP says it will run for parliamentary elections under the banner USL in a college in Sector 6, claiming that he had a discussion Thursday PNL leader Crin Antonescu support the conclusion of a Protocol between PNG and the Union.

Press 19-03-2014 21:28

PSD Bucharest approved list of parliamentary candidates. What names are on the list

PSD Bucharest Council approved Thursday by majority vote, registering an abstention, a list with 26 names, in alphabetical order, representing the parliamentary nominations, followed by negotiation with the central leadership of the party, to determine the 18 final candidates.

Comments 17-03-2014 15:59

Basescu's visit to Turkmenistan: The president made a wreath at the mausoleum of former President Niyazov and planted a pine tree near the Monument to the Constitution

President Traian Basescu made Thursday evening a wreath at the tomb of former leader Saparmurat Niyazov turkmen from Kipceak he and visiting mosque "Turmenbas ruhy metjidi".

Authors 16-03-2014 19:32

Hardau resigns PDL had Cluj-Napoca

Senator Michael Hardie, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, will resign on Friday from his position as senior vice president of PDL Cluj-Napoca, in order to define how "non-statutory and undemocratic" which were established branch candidates for election and will remain a member of the PDL simple.

Comments 15-03-2014 09:39

Voinescu announced reason for not running in parliamentary elections: The decision was made long ago

Liberal Democrat sources said on Thursday, AFP, that Voinescu deputy, Vice President of PDL will not seek another term in parliament in the December elections. Voinescu announced on Facebook, which is why he made this decision.

Opinions 13-03-2014 11:21

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