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Tip: reallocate 1.3 billion lei for the rule

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said Monday that the reallocation of funds for the continued operation of the state is worth 1.3 billion, he criticized the government for failing to PDL financial resources allocated for this year.

Blog 06-06-2014 18:13

Mayor sector 6 of hiring Becali in NLP: Does Liberal leanings, it's clotting forces against Basescu

Liberal deputy Rares Manescu said Monday morning that PNG MEP has "liberal leanings" and its hiring is part of the clotting of NLP "forces fighting against Traian Basescu."

Events 05-06-2014 13:58

Antonescu: We propose exemptions for Becali and other public figures such as Ciorbea

PNL President Crin Antonescu said on Monday that the PCB meeting will discuss the party for exemptions PNG and other public figures who will enter the race for parliamentary and Victor soup.

Events 04-06-2014 15:42

Tip: Pedeliştii appear as ghosts of the past: a ghost is the Roman one is by Arad

PSD President Victor Ponta said on Monday NPB beginning of the meeting, which the press had access requires that the Social Democrats to fight mercilessly pedeliştii which, according to the prime minister, appear from time to time, the ghosts of the past "the people" and "by Arad".

Events 03-06-2014 22:52

Ponta, about Democrat Liberals who asked to come up with budget in Parliament: irresponsible

Prime Minister Victor Ponta and cataloged, months, who asked him to present the budget in Parliament before elections "some irresponsible," he showing that the current outgoing parliament and are elected campaign.

Press 01-06-2014 14:41

PSD deputy Mugurel Surupăceanu resigned from the party and from Parliament

PSD deputy Mugurel Surupăceanu resigned Monday from the party and from Parliament, as it was not included on the list of party candidates for parliamentary elections, saying it is "political traseist" and that no other party will enroll in this fall .

Opinions 31-05-2014 22:00

Tip: 99% of PSD candidates will be known Tuesday

PSD President Victor Ponta said on Monday that the party's National Executive Council meeting, to be held Tuesday, validate, in principle, candidates in parliamentary elections, he admitting that by submitting the lists, there may be changes .

Comments 30-05-2014 21:57

Liberal Party decided to start negotiations for a political agreement with PNG and PNŢCD

Liberal leadership decided to start negotiations for a political agreement with PNG, led by George Becali, and NPP - Ciorbea wing in the context of parliamentary elections in December, announced President Liberal Crin Antonescu. Liberal leader said that differing views on Liberal leadership against these negotiations, but in the end the decision was unanimous.

Press 28-05-2014 09:14

Boc delay submission to Parliament of the draft budget, extremely harmful and dangerous precedent

Postponement of submission to the Parliament after the elections Budget Law is an "extremely harmful and dangerous precedent" for Romania, the former Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Monday.

Opinions 25-05-2014 13:43

New York: 14 of the 17 MPs will another term; Baconschi Copou with Mihaela Popa

In Iasi, 14 of the 17 current MPs, including Relu Fenechiu and Vosganian, running again. In the same city wants to be senator and former minister Baconschi, who recently wrote Romanians Abroad to elect a senator. He will face former colleague of PDL Mihaela Popa.

Authors 19-05-2014 13:46

Monica Iacob Ridzi PPDD candidate for another term as member of the Jiu Valley

MEP Monica Iacob Ridzi, who recently resigned from the LDP, was written months PPDD Hunedoara, it will be the party candidate for the Chamber of Deputies in May in the Jiu Valley College, a college that nominee and previous elections.

Blog 14-05-2014 20:00

Nastase Blog: Macovei "to put her" in Europe. It's about Romania. It was a kind of island in the Pacific

Former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase write, blog, referring to a statement by Vice PDL Macovei, which says that "there is a pictorial text" but a fragment of a speech at a meeting with elected officials, that he knew that the "story" put "Romania in the EU" was different.

Press 13-05-2014 13:52

Hrebenciuc: Sima's grant cycle. I met with him and Predoiu discussion was one coffee

PSD deputy Hrebenciuc said, for "thought" that does not understand why his name appears in the letters sent by Cristian Sima, arguing that "fabulează".

Opinions 12-05-2014 13:50

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